Black Friday Deals – My Recommendations

Ah it is that time of the year when the excitement starts building and I get super excited for the end of the month. November is the new traditional shopping period for Americans and I see for others around the world now. Black Friday is an absolute shopping frenzy that was created by retailers to help drive some more sales before the Christmas buying spree.

The History of Black Friday

I did history as a subject at school so I love the subject. I think it is always important to know how something or someone became an important point in human society. This article from the History channel taught me a bunch of things I had no clue about the day in question.

Did you know that it originally had a negative connotation around it? The first recorded use of the term was a financial crisis, go figure. So one of the most lucrative days of the years in gross sales had its terminology roots as a financial disaster. That’s some turn around in history.

I also found out the term was originally used in Philadelphia by the police force in the 1950’s. The story goes that the day after Thanksgiving in Philly there is a big Army-Navy football game held on that Saturday every year. Apparently what would happen is that tons of people would enter the city to get in early. This would lead to chaos in the streets and in the store with lots of shoplifting happening. This made the cops lives difficult as they needed to patrol more and do longer shifts. So the Philadelphia police force came up with the original term of “Black Friday” to describe the manic day for them.

So this was not necessarily a good day for the Philly retail store owners with theft occurring in stores. However, things seemed to have swung around and by the late 1980’s somewhere is when the term changed to a positive one.

The term is no synonymous with a day when retailers slash prices on goods and services and offer them from a low to very high discounted prices. This is to help take their gross sale totals of the year out of the red (loss) and into the black (profit). Well that is what is supposed to happen. Who knows if it is a very good marketing trick to drive more profit for a company. I know some shop owners don’t think it is worth the hassle. Fortune magazine shared some monetary stats about shoppers behaviour on the day with winners and losers.

You Have to Try Shopping on This Day

Now you would tell someone to wait for the Friday after Thanksgiving before doing any purchases in a store or online. I know I do.

You would be mad or silly to not jump into some of the massive discounts like 50-80% off some products from various brands. If you play smart and wait for this special shopping holiday you could save yourself lots of money by doing an early Christmas presents or birthday shop.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not one of those you see on the TV in the evening news waiting at a stores door for the store security to open up the doors and let a mass of people rush into to grab an item before it runs out. I prefer to shop on the internet from the comfort of my chair in my own home.

The Madness

TV show host Ellen explained the madness that happens on this day beautifully. I love her humor so easy to listen to. Don’t join the herd and do like you see in the video please. People get injured every year in these mass swarms that force their way into stores. Then there are those that camp out for days before the start of the sale. Waiting on a kerb in your tent to save a few bucks is extreme. I’d only do it if I knew I was going to save thousands of dollars.

The Benefits

I do lots of work activities online. So I buy from lots of hosting companies, domain registrars, Amazon products and loads of other digital marketing services. I have saved myself tens of thousands of dollars over the years by waiting for this one particular day before making any of my annual purchases for some recurring tools and devices that I need for work purposes.

However, I also uses this time to shop for my personal needs. This could be for myself or my family and friends. This year I did a massive health kick to get myself back into shape again. I’m sure you’ll agree with me here that as we age things don’t bounce back as easily as they used to. We might get more stressed and forget to take good care of ourselves. That’s what happened to me and I looked in the mirror and decided to make a change.

My Best Deals on Black Friday

Now I know there will be millions of deals to be had out there. However, These are some that I will be picking up for sure:


  1. – New 15 inch screen Apple MacBook Pro
  2. – Rode mic pro
  3. – annual hosting
  4. – .com domain registration


  1. – Coleman Miami 4-Person Inflatable Spa Hot Tub


  1. – Full kettlebell cast iron set
  2. – personal workout plan
  3. – ‘Vibe’ vibration platform

Final Thoughts

As you can see I do a variety of things and will be shopping for sure on this special shopping discount day. The best thing is you normally don’t need to use a coupon code or promo code to grab the deal. Just clicking the link at the right time normally the discounted is applied automatically. Some online stores might make you use a special code at the checkout, but I’m sure they will advertise the discount code in bold so you can claim it.

P.S. Don’t freak out if you miss this day as you’ll get more opportunities. What I mean is there is a new tradition for shops to have discounts the whole weekend and into the next week. This is called the Cyber Weekend Sale and in particular the most famous day is Cyber Monday. However, I find the Friday sales to be the best, but maybe with what you are looking for you might still grab that limited special on the item you are looking for to lock in the discounted price.

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